This is my first fully-coded site, and I couldn’t be more excited to have it out in the wild in all of its buggy, simplistic glory. I am currently learning how to code through treehouse and will use this site as a way to exercise all of the things I’ve been learning. If you run into any bugs or have some helpful hints on how I can improve my code, please reach out to me through the email button in the ‘contact me’ section below.


AEC Mega Group
[logo, icon, branding]

Created for an architectural 'mega' group with quick turnaround time.

Matthew Tosh Photography
[logo, mark, branding]

Created a logo and businesscard for a photographer.

Pave the Road
[logo, icon, branding]

Created for a startup that connects users in healthcare & technology fields.

Lighthouses of Massachusetts
[logos, icons, illustration]

Logos for Massachusetts Lighthouses as a personal project.

Oysters & Bourbon
[logo, lettering, branding]

In-progress update for my food blog, Oysters and Bourbon.

Holiday Email 2013
[email, illustration, typography]

Email illustration for a company out-of-house email.

Pan Mass Fundraising
[logo, illustration, charity]

Brand for the 2014 fundraising campaign for an in-house charity auction.

Revelry & Revolution 2014
[illustration, typography, fun]

Illustrations created for the T-shirts for a revolutionary-themed bar crawl.

[logo, mark, branding]

Logo created for a personal project that revolves around the craft beer industry.

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